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As consultants we work directly with consumer and business brands as well as event and show organizers to adopt future forward thinking into their organizational cultures. We bring research and insight into the latest methods of consumer engagement and offer a process that can be taught and quantified to help you learn to stay on the leading edge. 

We believe that in looking to the future of technology and understanding how audiences will change, companies can be far ahead of their peers in the way they produce events and consumer engagements right now.                   


Event Photography

We offer professional event photography aimed at capturing the human interaction of consumer engagement. Click here to visit our photography site.             

Joe English

Futurist & Consultant

Expertise: Event Design

Our Principals

Joe English combines 25 years of brand marketing and event design with his technology futures research experience to be the ultimate creative inspiration and guide to event professionals.

Joe is widely regarded as a thought-leader and futurist to the live events industry. He has been called "One of the most influential event marketers in the world," by Event Marketer Magazine.

Joe English


Bring Joe English to your next meeting or conference. Joe provides dynamic and inspiring tales of the future of the live events and consumer engagement businesses. He  challenges people to think about how they approach event production today and to be better at reaching people.

Joe will deliver his Event Futurecast to groups from small to large. He is an experienced keynote speaker, having delivered addresses to shows such as Event Design, EXPO Next, EXHIBITOR and Event Marketing Summit.                

Corrin Miller

Managing Partner

Expertise: Consumer Engagement

Event Photos Collection

We offer high-quality event photos like those seen on this site for sale to be used in presentations. When visiting our Event Photography site, check out the "Futurecast Photo Collection."